Car Warranty

Gold Warranty Limited Warranty

Here at Milam's we offer 5 different warranties to extend the life of your new purchase! Our warranties coverage will help give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered should something go wrong.

Components That Are Covered

Manual or Automatic Transmission: All of Internally lubricated parts; pump; drums; valve body; housing; bands; clutches; carrier assembly; reaction shaft; plantery gears; torque converter; servo assemblies; governor; transmission housing; transfer unit 4x4 case only if damaged as a result of mechanical failure of the above parts.

Manual Transmission:

All of the internally lubricated parts; counter shaft; main shaft; shift fork; input shaft; all gears; shift rails; hub assemblies; synchronizers; internal transmission bearings.


All internally lubricated parts; engine block; oil pump; oil pan; pistons; connecting rods; rod bearings; cranks shaft; main bearings; valves; valve covers; rocker arms/shafts; bushing valve springs; seats and guides; valve push rods; timing chain and gears; piston rings; wrist pins; cylinder heads; intake manifold; camshaft and bearings; hydraulic valve lifters; seals and gaskets are only covered in conjunction with the covered repair. Cylinder heads and intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks only (Timing Belt, chain and gears are not covered)


All seal and gaskets are covered only in the replacement of a covered component. Head Gaskets and manifold gaskets are only covered for coolant leaks only. Water pump; electric fan motor; gasket; and thermostat.


Starter; solenoid; alternator; generator; voltage regulator; wiper motor- front only.


Coverage is limited to these parts: Internally lubricated parts in the steering gear box and pump housing. Also, rack and pinion steering box and pump housings only if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.


Coverage is limited to these parts: Master cylinder; wheel cylinder; calipers; anti-lock brake system and components except drums, rotors, brake pads or linings.


Coverage is limited to these parts: All of internally lubricated parts; wheel bearings; pinion bearings; side carrier; bearing gears; spider gears and case; ring and pinion; spacers and thrust washers; housing only if damaged by internally lubricated part. Drive shaft; universal joints; front constant velocity joints; seals and gaskets are covered only in conjunction with a covered repair.


When towing is necessary, due to the fact a component has failed, towing is covered to a maximum of $50 per occurrence.


To repair or replace covered components, labor charges will be based on the current Mitchell's labor guide. Hourly rate will be based on the industry accepted flat rate.


Component failures must occur under normal vehicle use during the warranty period selected. Component failures which occurred prior to this warranty contract will not be covered. The maximum on all benefits must not exceed the purchase price of the vehicle. We reserve the right to reject any warranty. Any warranty holder who abuses their vehicle; stuck in snow, mud etc will not be covered.


Vehicle owner must maintain the vehicle and retain all copies of maintenance records and any work done. We reserve the right to see all service records and maintenance work done on the vehicle. Component failures attributed to neglected maintenance will not be covered.


For your warranty claim to be processed, you first must have the vehicle at our service center to be inspected by our adjuster. ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED AT MILAM'S SERVICE CENTER ONLY. The limited warranty holder is responsible for all charges related to the tear down and diagnostics of the vehicle. If it is determined that the covered component has failed and the estimate for the repair is agreed upon by our adjuster and authorization number will issued for the repair claim. The repair center shall use components of the same type and quality of those removed. Replacement parts may include new, rebuilt, or used components of your choice. Customer is responsible for all fluid; oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid etc.


The limited warranty is between Gold Warranty Corporation and the warranty holder. The limited warranty begins on the day it is purchased and approved by the Gold Warranty Corporation for the term selected. An odometer not working correctly will void the contract. Milam's Used Cars assumes no liability in this process other than submitting the payment and paperwork to Gold Warranty Corporation.


The warranty may only be transferred within the Fold Warranty Corporation. The transfer fee will be one hundred dollars ($100.00). The warranty will stay in effect from the original warranty date.


There will be a fifty dollar($50.00)deductible per each occurrence. $250.00 deductible on motor, transmission, and rear-end transfer case. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RENTAL OR LOANER CAR.


This warranty is non-refundable except in the total loss of a vehicle. In this case it will be prorated on a weekly basis, less a one hundred dollar($100.00) processing fee, provided there are no claims against your vehicle.

Pricing - Rate Term

3 MONTHS / 5,000 MILES $500.00
6 MONTHS / 7,500 MILES $650.00
12 MONTHS / 15,000 MILES $800.00
24 MONTHS / 30,000 MILES $900.00
36 MONTHS / 45,000 MILES $1000.00